Nurturing Individuals




We will:
  • value and support each member of the school community
  • provide a warm, welcoming, safe, happy environment where everyone is respected and listened to and where children enjoy their learning
  • enable children to become confident, successful learners who take responsibility for their own learning
  • foster resilience, perseverance and self motivation
  • promote honesty and integrity
  • make sure that every child is ready for secondary school

Embracing Excellence



We will:
  • celebrate individual and collective achievements and contributions
  • set the highest possible standards of achievement and behaviour
  • help everyone to achieve their full potential
  • provide opportunities for leadership and taking initiative

Working Together



We will:
  • develop respect, care and compassion
  • foster collaboration, teamwork and the ability to listen
  • work in partnership with our parents, carers and the wider community
  • communicate clearly and frequently with everyone.

Teaching and learning with high expectations and aspirations


We will:
  • provide a balanced curriculum which develops the love of learning, creativity and critical thinking
  • enable children to become confident and successful learners for life
  • provide a stimulating and supportive learning environment
  • aim to be a centre for excellent teachers, where the staff develop and share their practice within and beyond our school

Opening minds


We will:
  • develop enquiring minds and provide a curriculum which enables our children to become active citizens of the world
  • promote physical activity and a healthy lifestyle
  • offer a range of opportunities and challenges in and outside lessons
  • develop understanding of rights and responsibilities

Welcoming diversity



We will:
  • respect everyone regardless of background, race, gender, disability, culture or religion
  • identify and build on the strengths and talents of individuals
  • foster understanding and respect for diversity