I'm Steve Fearn and I am a governor at the school sitting as the Chair of the Resources Committee. My daughter Imogen went all the way through the school and has just left to start secondary school this autumn. My son Wilfred is in Year 3. The children are one of the reasons I joined as a governor nearly 7 years ago. I wanted to play an active part in my children's education and help the school become a dynamic place to learn.

I am a graphic designer and digital producer, creating websites and videos. In my spare time I love to take my surfboard and catch a few waves on the north coast. I also play tennis at the university which keeps me fit and active.

If I had a vision for the future it would be that ALL children reflect back on their primary education as a positive and fun experience that inspired them, gave them a love of learning and set them up to achieve their full potential later in life. Every child deserves to enjoy school, receive a good education and leave feeling confident of who they are.

I am very pleased with the governing body’s achievements over the years. It is both a rewarding and privileged position and an experience which has taught me a great deal.

I am chair of Resources committee being responsible for staffing, finance and the building. This is not always an easy role with a Victorian building but is nevertheless interesting!