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Dear Parents/Carers, Shakespeare Rocks Congratulations to all of our KS2 children for a fantastic show this week. They all worked extremely hard, spoke clearly and sung beautifully, so what more can we ask? Many thanks to all of our staff in supporting the production and a particular thank you to Caroline Hughes-Jones for directing the whole show and to Keith Spencer, our caretaker for designing a superb set. A brilliant performance!

Class visits

In between shows, we have had lots of class visits out to various places this week and the children have really enjoyed themselves. Oak class visited Pennywell Farm and Years 1/2/3/4 went to the Field Athletics event activities held at St Luke’s school. Many thanks to our staff for organising these interesting extra activities for the children to participate in.   

Star team trophy

Congratulations to the Belmont team with 172 points, who are the winners of the ‘Star team trophy’ this week.

Other team scores were as follows:

2nd Sandford team with 157 points

3rd Portland team with 128 points

4th Clifton team with 76 point

Would you like your child to learn a musical instrument in September?

If your child is Year 3 or above we will be sending out a letter next week about the opportunity to learn a musical instrument in September. Year 2 pupils are invited to learn recorder, but generally their hands and arms are not quite big or strong enough to start other musical instruments, until they are at least a year older.

Letter of interest attached.

Parental Questionnaire

We have attached a questionnaire for parents to complete and return by next Friday please. We would really appreciate all parents finding time to do this, as it really helps with reviewing the school and looking ahead to the future. Many thanks.

Reminders for week beginning Monday 17th July: 


PM – Class swap – a chance for pupils to meet their teacher for September.


2.30pm Open afternoon for parents, grand-parents and governors


3.30 - 5pm  FONS Summer Fair


Visiting theatre group presents ‘The Jungle Book’ – kindly funded by FON’s


9.30am Balloon man visits and works with the class which has the best attendance this term.

2.00pm Year 6 Leavers Assembly

*Children return to school  please on Wednesday, 6th September 

Classes for September

Having met with our Governors last night for the final meeting of the term, we are now in a position to announce the classes for September which will be as follows:


Year group


Subject Leaders



Steph Rowse




Year 1

Claire Ward Full time until December then job share with Sophie Rimmer






Year 2

Rachel Floyd


PE & Outdoor Learning



Year  3

Veronique Chauvin  4 days

Alex Dolphin 1 day






Year 4

Jo Turner 2.5 days

Alex Keen 2.5 days





Year 5/6

Vicky Darious


Literacy & Science


Year 5/6

Hannah Bowen



Working across the school

Bethany Dooley






Subjects areas to lead




Sally Herbert  (Acting HT)


Designated Safeguarding Lead, H&S Officer, CPD, Music & ICT


2.5 days  SEND

Alex Dolphin

SEN Lead &  NQT mentor


Due to the number of teachers involved in Years 3/4 next year, we have decided to move to single age classes for these particular year groups from September. We do still stand by the research that we provided for parents last year, which explained how successful mixed age classes can be for children, particularly in the social and emotional aspects of learning. There has certainly been success in this area of learning, with pupils extending their friendships into different age groups.

Years 5/6 will stay as parallel classes with two teachers working closely together across the year groups.

Fons – sUMMER FAIR – Wednesday 19th July

Thank you to all of you who brought in your donations today for the tombola stall.  Don’t worry if you forgot, you can still bring in your items next week and drop them at the school office. 

In addition to tombola prizes we would also be grateful if you could donate any cakes / biscuits for the cake stall – these can be dropped off to the school office on Wednesday morning.

As part of the Summer Fair we will also be holding our usual raffle and we have some wonderful prizes which have been kindly donated. Do support FONS fundraising by encouraging friends and family to order raffle tickets. 

Please don’t forget to let us know if you can spare us any time setting up, helping on a stall or clearing up at the end.  You can email us at or on the Fons facebook page.

All the money raised goes back into buying equipment for the school and supporting events for the children

Many thanks for all your ongoing support and thank you in advance for you donations.

Many thanks for your continuing support, Ruth Jones

Parent Questionnaire

Ruth Jones - Head teacher